First Care Health ServicesAbout Us

First Care Health Services has been providing Emergency Medical Services, along with a Medivan/wheelchair transportation service and healthcare transportation solutions since 1972. Our team consists of veterans of the EMS industry, technical experts, and a professional and seasoned business administration staff.

At First Care, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve excellent patient care along with positive outcomes. We believe that the key lies in managing information flow and maintaining quality products and services that can be customized to customer needs. Furthermore, our streamlined billing process enhances effective administration of our customer accounts.

First Care's knowledgeable staff understands the needs of professionals in the healthcare industry, through conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys and performing Response Analysis Evaluations. In addition, we offer Customer Service, with on site visitation to better understand the needs and wants of our customers.

As experts in the Emergency Medical Services industry, we remain current with healthcare regulations, technology standards, and trends that affect our business, as well as yours. We pride ourselves in understanding the challenges our customers face and providing them with the right healthcare transportation solutions to succeed.

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